ITALY - Good Faith: Fight Against Illicit Vehicle Traffic and Hit Notification System

General objective:
The project aims at identifying common procedures and technological solutions for improving the sharing of information between member states in the Schengen area, so as to effectively combat transnational criminal networks dedicated to the traffic of stolen vehicles. The project pursues:

  • two strategic objectives: the application of article 102 bis CAAS and the application of the PRUM TreatyDefinition of a shared procedure for the registration and repatriation of stolen vehicles
  • three operational objectives: identification of shared problems of investigation and methods for resolution; research and mapping of illicit flows in the light of article 102; identification of the weaknesses as regards national and international regulations which hinder cooperation
  • a technical objective: development of IT solutions for implementing article 102 bis of the Schengen Convention (EC Regulation 1160/2005) – access to SIS of the offices in charge of vehicle registration and the PRUM Treaty
  • three procedural objectives: identification of common procedures to streamline the repatriation of the vehicles stolen and then found abroad; identification of regulatory problems which effectively render cooperation difficult and inhomogeneous; identification and harmonization of non-uniform procedures of merit


  • Definition of a shared procedure for the registration and repatriation of stolen vehicles
  • Realization of the project activities (a three-day international conference in the phase of start-up of the activities and a final conference of follow-up, preliminary activities and 7 study visits)
  • Drawing-up of a publication to be subsequently presented in Brussels
  • Diffusion of results
Project manager:
Daniele Maria Marcoaldi
Involved human resources:
Claudia Salvi, Riccardo Coletta, Serena Celani
Organization unit:
International Activities Office
Start date:
11/05/2010 - 00:00
End date:
11/05/2011 - 00:00
European Police Forces
Financial Sources:
Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime - EC Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security
Project sector: