IPA II Italy-Albania-Montenegro. Announcement of Selection for external expertise for performing ex ante evaluation and SEA

Formez PA, on behalf of the Abruzzo Region – Direzione Affari della Presidenza, Politiche Legislative e Comunitarie, Programmazione, Servizio Cooperazione Territoriale – IPA Adriatico, Managing Authority of the 2007-2013 IPA Adriatic Cooperation Programme calls the interested parties to submit a written proposal for performing the ex ante evaluation and the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the 2014-2020 IPA II Italy-Albania-Montenegro Cross-border Cooperation Programme.
The core of the tender is to define the ex ante evaluation ans Strategic Environmental Assessement framework for the aforementioned Programme in compliance with the Regulatory Framework (as outlined in point 1 of the ToRs).
The deadline to submit the written proposal to perform the ex ante evalaution and the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Programme is 11 June 2014 at 1 pm. 
Go to the Italian version of the tender on FormezPA website.

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EN Annex 3 - Sworn Declaration financial, technical and human resources.docx40.6 KB
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EN Annex 5 - ToR External expertise for performing the ex ante evaluation and the strategic environmental assessment.pdf150.79 KB