POAT 2012-2015. A cycle of InfoDays in Sicily

One pathway was organized in the framework of the OPENFESR initiative, and one in the scope of the technical assistance and networking envisaged by the project.

OPENFESR pathway
With reference to the first pathway, the Presidency of Sicily’s regional government – Programming Department – as the Managing Authority of OP ERDF Sicily 2007-2013, in collaboration with the Project POAT International, organized a cycle of InfoDays on 2014-2020 thematic European Union programmes with the objective to encourage the use of the financial opportunities provided by the new EU programming round.
The cycle opened on May 14, 2015 in Agrigento and concluded on June, 11 2015 in Capo d’Orlando (Messina).

The activity was carried out for the purpose of meeting the needs for information emerged in the scope of OPENFESR, a public consultation system aiming at collecting the citizens' opinions for the drafting of the new OP ERDF Sicily 2014-2020.

Technical Assistance pathway
Parallel to the OPENFESR initiative, from May, 8 to June, 5 2015, POAT 2012-2015 also continued to provide technical assistance directed to Sicily: a pathway that has been embarked on in the Objective Convergence regions for two years now, to which the Sicily Region has responded with great enthusiasm, thus encouraging the involvement of various Sicilian municipalities, be them either small or large.

During May and June 2015, FormezPA experts were engaged in InfoDays on EU funds directly financed by the European Commission, and EU information sources, through coaching for developing project ideas, partner search by using various communication channels provided by the EU, as well as the elaboration of project proposals to be submitted to the European Commission.

So far, on-the-field assistance has allowed the beneficiary administrations, with the valuable support of FormezPA staff, to draft – not only in Sicily, but also in the Campania region – six project proposals that were then submitted to the European Commission. The project proposals fall under the EU programmes Europe for citizens, COSME and Horizon 2020.

Concluding remarks
Over the following months, the project staff’s tasks shall be to collect feedback on the meetings held so far, namely on what has been actually learned and what the focus points are for future follow-up, so as to deliver better guidance in the complex scenario of financial opportunities directly funded by the European Commission.

Of great relevance is the future elaboration of project ideas received by the beneficiary administrations, in order to draw up and submit other project proposals in the framework of the active calls for proposals in the scope of the aforementioned EU programmes.