EUrosociAL. Assisting cross-border cooperation between Mexico and Guatemala

The EurosociAL mission embraced a bi-national perspective to continue the coaching to SEDATU and SEGEPLAN in the process of elaboration of the bi-national joint plan of cross-border development Guatemala-Mexico, and on the other, which was executed by EUrosociAL experts partially in Mexico and partially in Guatemala.

In particular, the two central governments pay particular attention to cross-border cooperation at the border between Guatemala and Mexico, due to the key frontier issues which require collaboration between the two countries and to the peculiar characteristics of the local communities, both belonging to the Maya culture, their common thousand-year heritage.

Based on the relevant experiences and lessons learnt from the analyzed European cases for the purpose of developing cross-border cooperation policies between Guatemala and Mexico (as part of the regional development policies of the two countries ), the mission aimed at providing support to the design of the bi-national plan on cross-border development and at laying the basis for the development of a strategic document for territorial cooperation between Mexico and Guatemala.

This document intends to contribute, on one hand, to the design of a joint border policy between the two countries while on the other, to the realization of a laboratory and pilot case for the creation of a reference regulatory framework for joint territorial cooperation policies for the governments of Guatemala and Mexico.