POAT 2012-2015. The results of the Technical Assistance in the Sicily and Campania Regions

On-the-spot assistance allowed the beneficiary  administrations, with the valuable support of POAT experts, to draw up together with Sicily and Campania’s local administrations eight project proposals in the framework of the calls for proposal of “Europe for Citizens”, “COSME” and “Horizon2020”.

As regards the Sicily Region, the six proposals were submitted by the Municipalities of Gela, Alcamo and Naro as lead applicants, while the Municipalities of Riposto (CT), Vittoria (RG) and Castellammare del Golfo (TP) participated as partners of an international consortium.

As regards the Campania Region, Fondazione CIVES was included as stakeholder in two projects developed under Horizon 2020.

The projects submitted so far are

  • Europe for Citizens – Municipality of Gela (AG)  - MyPEACE
  • Europe for Citizens - Municipality of Alcamo (TP) - ACTOR
  • Transnational cultural tourism products and Tourism and accessibility for all - Municipality of Riposto (CT) - European Volcanoes Routes
  • Europe for Citizens - Municipality of Vittoria (RG) - European Interculture Digital Volunteerism
  • Horizon2020 - Fondazione CIVES - ExAMpLe
  • Horizon2020 - Fondazione CIVES - VALCHESA
  • COSME Tourism - Municipality of Naro (AG) - EUROW
  • Horizon2020 Promoting gender equality in research and innovation - Municipality of Castellammare del Golfo (TP) - EFFY - EFFective Strategies for Promoting  Gender EqualitY

In addition to the project planning activities, the coaching to the local adminsitrations was realized through the development of technical assistance pathways. In this regard, Info- and Training Days were organized in loco on 2014-2020 EU programming, followed by focus events on the financial opportunities delivered by the European Commission to public administrations.