POAT 2012-2015: a Europe One-Stop-Shop implemented in Sicily

The new Europe One-Stop-Shop of the Municipality of Vittoria has been established to the town council building. Its web site architecture was realized through a collaboration work of web page organization and content drawing-up.

To complete the web editing work carried out, POAT 2012-2015 International staff organized a workshop titled “Europe One-Stop-Shop: web editing and information management.

The two-day workshop was conducted with a participative method and was organized into two sessions:

  • one dedicated to the organization and drawing-up of the contents to be included in the web site according to the criteria of usability and accessibility, in order to improve online utilization and dissemination in compliance with the editing suggestions of the European Commission;
  • one focusing on the methods of information management in front-office activities of the Europe One-Stop-Shop, with reference to the analysis of transversal information and procedures for delivering direct funding.

The seminar was mainly directed to the personnel of the Municipality of Vittoria dealing with the new  Europe One-Stop-Shop management and involved other officials interested in this topic, among whom some from the nearby Municipality of Comiso (Ragusa). The latter expressed the intention to implement a Europe One-Stop-Shop to their town council.

The Europe One-Stop-Shop as a public service delivered by the municipal establishment is incorporated in the framework of POAT 2012-2015 International capacity building at the benefit of the beneficiary administrations: it becomes a further tool through which public authorities foster initiatives directed to the participation in calls under the financial opportunities directly funded by the European Commission.

The beneficiary administrations are showing increasing interest in receiving POAT support for implementing such a service, as far both web and front-office aspects are concerned.

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