All the news on your PC in real time

Owing to the RSS system, you can now receive updating in real time about the latest news, as well as international projects and activities of Formez. RSS is a system for disseminating content which allows you to receive at any time and in real time, the latest news published on the website, on your PC. The service is free and no registration is required. The RSS feeds of Formez include title, index and internet account (URL) regarding all the articles published on the homepage and in the various website sections. Thus, you can be constantly updated about the news that you consider the most interesting in a simple way and in real time.

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How it works

To access the RSS service, you just need an Internet connection and a reader (the so-called “aggregator”) to allow for the reception of the RSS news channels you are mostly interested in. You can download the readers from the Internet. Among the various programmes available online, as an alternative, Formez has proposed FeedReader which is free and simple to install and use.

How to enrol for the Formez RSS feeds

With the right-handed mouse button, click on the feed title (see table on top of page) which corresponds to the channel for which you intend to enrol and choose “copy link”. When using FeedReader, click on the "new feed" button and paste the copied address. Click on "next" and then "finish".