The Hungarian Delegation from the National Development Agency carried out a Study Visit on Twinning Projects

On April 14th and 15th, the International Activities Office of Formez and the Italian Department for Public Administration welcomed a delegation of Hungarian functionaries from various departments of the National Development Agency in Budapest interested in Formez methods for managing Twinning and promoting cooperation and internationalization in Italian Public Administrations.
The delegation was composed of Hungarian functionaries from the Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU), namely Mr. Gábor Rónaszéki, Manager, Ms. Annamária Módi, Vice-Manager for Finance, Mr. Péter BenkÅ‘, Twinning Manager and Ms Zsuzsa Borcsiczky from the National Contact Point for Twinning. At the workshop, also two Turkish stagiers took part, Mr. Mehmet Emin Ozsan and Mr. Irfan Halici from the State Planning Organization in Ankara who are carrying out an internship at the International Activities Office of Formez.
The Hungarian CFCU submitted the request to visit the International Activities Office on the occasion of the seminar on Twinning projects which was organized in Budapest on February 12th and 13th and entitled “Workshop to promote successful donor Twinning activity”. During the meeting, Formez listed the Twinning projects in which has participated, methods of management and technical assistance to the regions under the empowerment programmes to foster cooperation instruments.
On the first day during the morning section, Ms. Lucia Santuccione, Mr. Alberto Costa and Mr. Anthony Jennings presented those Formez projects financed both by EU funds (Twinning, Europeaid, Interreg) and national funds (CIPE, MAE). These have allowed for the acquisition of key knowledge on thematic and territorial interests of central and regional administrations which are useful for promoting cooperation through benchmarking, training and assistance to submit tenders as well as through Formez websites e.g. the portal introduced by Ms. Claudia Salvi.
Ms Miranda Labella and Ms Valeria Vivarelli continued with interventions on the most technical aspects regarding the management of Twinning projects, procedures and internal regulations of Formez as well as the financial monitoring of the projects.
On the following day, the study visit continued at the Department for Public Administration where Mr Marco Muser focussed on the topics of access and mobility of Italian civil servants. The delegation showed great interest in the information acquired and proposed their entity as future partner of Formez in international projects.