Twinning Poland on Epidemiological Surveillance: The Final Conference was the Conclusion of an Excellent Work

On July 8th in the marvellous scenario framed by the Wieliczka salt mine in Poland, the Final Conference of the Twinning project “Strengthening of Communicable Diseases Epidemiological Surveillance in Poland” was held. The concept was implemented by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate – National Centre for Surveillance and Health Promotion (CNESPS) under the institutional leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Directorate General for EU and International Relations in partnership with Formez.
The project was divided into four components for a total of 220 man days and lasted for 12 months during which a group of 23 experts carried out 67 missions of training and technical assistance in Sofia, at the PZH – Polish Public Health Institute.
The Italian and Polish partners outlined the outcome achieved by the project to the stakeholders present at the Conference.
The event opened with a presentation of the statistical data regarding the national system of epidemiological surveillance. Special emphasis was directed to the strengths of the monitoring methods on infectious diseases as well as to the training and knowledge advantages of e-learning in the healthcare field. T
he e-learning portal on communicable diseases  was finalized by the project experts as the result of the activities concerning component 4. This is a useful and essential tool for the sharing of current and future information and knowledge for all those committed to epidemiological surveillance at central and local level.
At the final event, the project partners as well as the representatives of the FETP programme (Field Epidemiology Training Programme) and EPIET programme (The European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training) presented the European strategies of  Epidemiology Training and the relevant training experiences in Italy and Germany.
In conclusion, the attention focussed on the commitment of Italian and Polish partners to jointly participating in future programmes of Institution Capacity Building with the perspective that hand in hand with Italy, Poland may take part in the process of assistance for the benefit of other Beneficiary Countries.