Poland: The Final Conference in Conclusion of the Twinning Project with the Ministry for the Environment, was held

On September 3rd, 2008 in Warsaw, the final conference in conclusion of the Twinning project promoted by the European Commission “Strengthening the Polish Environmental Administration in Implementation of the Acquis Communautaire through Information Technology Systems” was held. The project whose principal beneficiary is the Polish Ministry for the Environment as , aims at strengthening the administration structure responsible for the implementation of the acquis communautaire in the field of environmental protection and management of water resources. This goal has been achieved by providing Information Technology instruments which allow us to better meet the obligations deriving from the acquis communautaire, in particular with the objective of cataloguing and managing public information. In the final conference, a member from CFCU (Central Finance and Contracts Unit of the European Commission), a member from UKIE (Poland's Office for the Committee of EU Integration), the Italian and the Polish Project Leaders, the beneficiaries of the Polish Ministry for the Environment and two project Managers from Formez, took part.
The project was embarked on in January 2008 with the expectation to last for 6 months. During the Steering Committee which was held in April, the beneficiaries and the Project Leaders proposed to extend the period of implementation of 3 months because of the numerous activities planned. Its closing was postponed to September 2008.
The bodies responsible for the implementation of the activities are Formez, ARPA Veneto and CSI Piemonte. The project trend is  positive: 95% of the budget has been used, a data of extreme importance. Collaboration on the part of the beneficiaries during all the period of realization of the training activities was very intense. During the final conference, the Italian Project Leader expressed his satisfaction with regard to the work carried out, while the beneficiaries underlined the qualitative relevance of the opportunity they were offered for improving their professional performance.
On the whole, the parties involved worked intensely and showed great commitment and interest in the topics dealt with both at theoretical level with classroom-training and at practical level through the experimentation of new technical models useful for managing the Ministry for the Environment's resources.
At the end of October, on the initiative of the Ministry for the Environment, a public workshop will be organized in order to outline the project results. In the meantime, Formez has worked at the drafting of the technical and financial reports necessary for the elaboration of project materials to be submitted to an audit committee within the same date.