About us

Formez PA – Centre for Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for the Modernisation of the PA – is a recognised association, with legal personality in private law and subject to the control, supervision and inspection powers of Italy's Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Public Administration (DFP).

In particular, the Institute supports the reform and the diffusion of administrative innovation by carrying out technical assistance, recruitment and training for public administrations. It mainly addresses regional and local administrations’ institutional needs, and contributes inter alia to fostering the use of the resources deriving from National and European Funds by updating, training and informing civil servants.

With reference to training, Formez PA:

  • Elaborates ad-hoc training models to encourage the qualification of the personnel from regional and local administrations, for the acquisition of new professional profiles, also by dealing with courses for selection and entry to the PA, and related competition procedures;
  • Experiments and implements new ad-hoc methods for training and knowledge dissemination, so as to enhance online learning and to ensure continuous training within the Public Administration;
  • Carries out training need assessment of public administration, through the evaluation of training supplies provided by public and private agencies to public administrations;
  • Encourages, through appropriate training interventions, the process for internationalisation of the Public Administration;
  • Assists the DFP in the activities of coordination of the public training system.

With reference to services and technical assistance, Formez PA:

  • Provides assistance to administrations in the carrying out of their institutional activities, for modernisation and innovation of organisational structures, in order to further economic and occupational development in the territory;
  • Supplies assistance to public administrations in the processes of devolution of the administrative functions of the Government to regions and local agencies, also through the activation of ad-hoc services to encourage decentralisation;
  • Delivers technical assistance and support to public administrations, in order to improve communication between public administrations and towards citizens and businesses, including the activation and operational support of direct communication;
  • Develops, also in agreement with Italian and foreign administrations and organisations, international cooperation projects aiming at the development of administrative systems;
  • Provides technical assistance for the implementation of Community policies with particular reference to European Structural Funds.

Formez PA has designed and implemented Linea Amica, the multi-channel contact centre of the Italian PA and Europe’s largest public relations network that provides citizens with information and assistance when dealing with the PA.

In 2013, the European Commission awarded the institute as a host structure of one of the Europe Direct information centres throughout the Lazio Region territory.



Formez PA supplies technical assistance and shares best practices in over 20 countries. The area of international activity is one of the pillars of its new mission. The institute operates in the international field to:

  • facilitate the exchange and adoption of Italian experiences and know-how in the key sectors of the Public Administration action;
  • Transfer Italian and EU expertise and best practices in order to strengthen the modernisation and internationalisation of Public Administration;
  • Support EU and international Public Administrations in Institutional Building;
  • Provide Technical Assistance and training for Pre-accession and Neighbourhood Countries;
  • Collaborate with foreign training structures for the Public Administration.

The international cooperation projects so far developed have involved the following countries:

  • New EU Member Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta and Croatia
  • Candidate Countries: the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey
  • Potential Candidates:Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo
  • Neighbourhood Countries: Algeria, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Libya
  • Other Countries: Latin America, People‚Äôs Republic of China, Russian Federation, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Ghana